Waterford history

The vicars of Tallow, Co. Waterford, 1639-1910


The vicars of Tallow, 1639-1910


Niall C.E.J. O’Brien


This article gives a brief biographical sketch on the Church of Ireland vicars of Tallow from 1639 to 1910. The period each cleric served at Tallow appears in brackets after their name.


David Thomas (1639): David was the son of Edward Thomas and Ann Eustace of Dublin. He attended the Trinity College, Dublin school and became vice-provost of the college in 1629. He first served as vicar of St. Kevin’s, Dublin in 1630 before becoming vicar of Kilbride (Meath) the following year. In 1634 he became vicar of Lisronagh and from 1636 until 1641 David was chancellor of the Lismore diocese.

In 1639 David Thomas became vicar at Tallow until some date in the 1650s. He was curate of Tallow from April 1632 to about 1639.


Francis Barnard (c.1655): Francis was vicar at Tallow up to soon after February 1655 when he baptised the daughter of Daniel Burston. It is presumed that 1655 is in the old style and so Francis left Tallow by the end of March as Daniel was appointed vicar in 1655. Francis was vicar of Stradbally from 1662 to 1673 and prebend of Clashmore from 1665 to 1675. He joined the vicar choral at Lismore in 1666.


Daniel Burston (c.1655): On 24th February 1655 Daniel’s daughter Margaret was baptised by Francis Barnard in Tallow where she was born. By 11th March Daniel got Barnard to re-register the baptism. Within a few days, possibly because some disagreement between the two Daniel got himself appointed vicar by the Cromwellian government.

Daniel held other appointments in Lismore diocese including vicar of Ardmore (1664-1671), precentor Lismore (c. 1663 to c.1667), vicar Dunhill (1662-1672), curate Islandikane (c.1669-c.1671), vicar of Killea/Rathmoylan (1666-1674) and curate of same from c.1663 to c.1666. Daniel was made dean of Waterford in 1670 and held the job until his death in December 1678. Hugh Burston, vicar of Tubrid (1694-1699) was his son.  


Francis Becher (c.1672): he was a descendent of Henry Beecher, sheriff of London in 1569. Francis graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1667 with an AB and got an AM in 1670. He held a number of parishes in the diocese of Ross from 1667 to 1670 when he moved to the diocese of Cloyne. Here he held the prebend of Coole from 1670 to 1713 while rector of Mogeely and vicar of Knockmourne during the same years.

Among his positions in the diocese of Lismore include vicar of Modeligo from 1682 and the prebend of same until his death in 1713. In 1697 he took over the vicar choral seat in Lismore from Robert Prytheroe and held this until 1711. Francis also held the prebend of Clashmore from 1675 to 1682.

In 1683 he married Isabella Andrews and had a son, Lionel, a student of Trinity College, Dublin in 1706. In 1702 Francis married Susannah Becher of Curriglass. He was named in the 1705 will of his cousin, Thomas Becher of Sherkin, Co. Cork.


Francis Foulkes (c.1717): he was a member of the vicar choral at Lismore in 1711 or 1714. He was possibly a relation of Richard Foulkes, vicar of Tullaghorton from 1745.


Thomas Dawson (c.1742): From 1732 to 1743 Thomas was vicar of Grange, Co. Tipperary when he resigned only to be reappointed in 1748 and so held same until 1767. He was vicar of Cahir from 1733 to 1767, and vicar at Kilmolash and Seskinan from 1740 to 1767. He was curate of Clonea from 1763 to 1767. Rev. Thomas Dawson died in 1769.  


Francis Greene (1767 – 1768): Francis was born in Lismore and attended TCD. He was curate at Clashmore from 1768 to 1769 and curate at Carrick-on-Suir until 1761 at which time he finished his curacy of Kilsheelan. He was a member of the Lismore vicar choral (1762 to 1768) and chaplain of Villierstown from 1763 to February 1768 when he died.


Hon. Robert Moore (1768 – 1781): Robert was the fourth son of Stephen Moore, Viscount Mount Cashell. He was vicar of Kilworth from 1779 until his death in 1817. In 1774 he married Isabella, daughter of Richard Odell and they had three daughters.


Hon. Richard Ponsonby (1817): Richard was the third son of William Ponsonby, M.P. for Co. Kilkenny. He was born in Co. Kildare and educated at Kilkenny College. He entered Trinity College, Dublin in 1791 aged seventeen and got a BA in 1794 with a MA in 1816. Richard was ordained in 1795 in which year he acquired the prebend of Tipper in the Dublin diocese and held until 1801. He became vicar of Mothel and Fews, Lismore diocese, in 1800 and held until 1810. While holding these parishes he got married in 1804 and had children. From 1813 to 1821 he was both rector and vicar of Carnew in the diocese of Ferns.

Back in Dublin, Richard was precentor at St. Patrick’s Cathedral from 1806 to 1817 when he became dean of same from then until 1828. In the latter year he became bishop of Killaloe and Kilfenora. He became bishop of Derry in 1831 and held this with the diocese of Raphoe from 1834. He died in October 1853.     


Henry Brougham (1823 – 1831): Henry was son of John Brougham, a fellow at King’s College, Cambridge. He was the father of Henry Brougham junior who was dean of Lismore from 1884, and of John Richard Brougham, vicar of Killea/Rathmoylan from 1854 to 1856.


John Jackson (1831): John was born c.1794, the second son of George Jackson of Glenbeg near Ballyduff. He was curate of Mocollop in 1820, vicar at Colligan in 1823 and vicar at Ringagonagh from 1827 to 1828. From 1836 to 1872 he held the prebend of Tullaghorton after which the prebend was suspended.  

In 1870 his gross income, with included that for Kilwatermoy parish came to £352. But John had big expenses because his net income was only £150. On the first day of 1838 he married Rosa Poole of Glenmore near Lismore. The couple had at least three sons of whom the third, Lt. John Charles Jackson took the additional name of Bennett on succeeding in 1874 to the estate of his uncle. Rev. John Jackson died in 1872.


William Fitzgerald (1872 – 1874): William was born c.1827, the son of John Fitzgerald, gent. He was curate at Modeligo and Kilgobinet until 1862 when he became curate at Kilmolash. William was curate in Kilwatermoy from before 1859 to before 1870. He was vicar of Affane from 1869 to 1874 when that parish was united with Cappoquin. From 1874 until 1879 William was diocesan curate for Waterford. After one year as diocesan curate in Cashel and Emly, William served as treasurer of Cashel from 1883 to 1900 when he died in March.


John Frederick Ryland (1874 to 1896): John was the son of Rev. Richard Hopkins Ryland, chancellor of Waterford and author of a history of Waterford in 1824. John was born about 1822 and got a BA from TCD in 1845. He was made a deacon in 1846 and a priest in 1847. John began his clerical career in England when he was curate of Elstead, Surrey in 1854 and curate of Leathwite in York in 1864. That same year he was made precentor of Waterford and was archdeacon of Lismore from 1870 to 1896. From 1870, John was also curate at Kill St. Nicholas. He was curate in Trinity parish in 1872.


John Richard Hedges Becher (1897 to 1901): He was born c. 1866, the son of Michael Becher of Ardrain, Co. Cork. In 1895 he married Maud, daughter of Archibald A. Robertson of Edinburgh and had two daughters. He got a BA at TCD in 1886 and made a deacon in the same year. He was curate at Tralee from 1887 to 1889.

John Becher was curate of Kilrossanty in 1889 – 90 when he became curate of Trinity parish in Waterford until 1897 while also lecturer at St. Olaves until 1897. He was previously curate of Killea/Rathmoylan from 1885 to 1887.

Among the Co. Cork parishes John Becher held include: rector of Youghal 1901-06; rector Tullagh (Ross) 1906-18 (this parish was once held by the Francis Becher above); rector Berehaven 1918-21; rector Kilmocomogue (Ross) 1921-29 and archdeacon of Ross 1921-29. Rev. John Becher died in May 1929.


Horace Clifford Deane (1901 – 1910): he was born in 1872 in Barbados, the son of John Deane. He was a brother of Charles Beresford Deane, vicar of Tullaghmelan from 1910 to 1919.

Horace Deane became a deacon in 1895 in which year he was made curate of Skerry in the diocese of Connor. In 1899 he left Connor to be curate in Thurles, diocese of Cashel. He moved to Lismore diocese in 1901 to become rector of Tallow. After Tallow he was rector of Killiney in Dublin until 1914. Horace was vicar at Cahir from 1914 to 1940 and rural dean of same from 1934 to 1941. He was treasurer of the Lismore diocese from 1919 until 1934 and treasurer at Waterford from 1925 to 1934.

Horace Deane got married in 1886 to Maria, daughter of Ven. George R. Wynne, rector of Killarney and had one daughter. He died in January 1945.


Robert J. Stringer (1910): Robert was the son of Thomas Stringer, governor of Belfast prison. He got a BA from TCD in 1904 and in which year he became curate of St. Patricks, Waterford. In 1908 he left to be curate at the Mariner’s Church, Dun Laoghaire and stayed two years when he moved to Tallow.

In 1920 he became domestic chaplain to the bishop of Cashel, Emly, Waterford and Lismore. Robert served in Tipperary town from 1920 until 1947 and was made a canon at Cashel. In 1941 he became treasurer of Cashel for one year before serving as chancellor until 1947. Robert died in 1950.



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  1. I am trying to find out more about Francis Becher c1672, He married Isabella Andrews and they had a son Lionel who could be my 5xGt Grandfather. The only clue I have is that Lionel had twin daughters, Isabella and Sarah. His wifes mother was Sarah and Isabella could have been named after his own mother. They both died unfortunately but the name Isabella is repeated e times down the line and doesnt appear anywhere else. Its a long story re my Lionel Becher, he first appears as an ensign in the Guards in 1722 and no fathers name. He married in Fleet prison chapel as his wife is Catholic I presume and he isnt, and no parents present. He appears on a court case held by the Kew Archives for non repayment of a loan presumably to pay for his commission, volunteers for a special troop of Marines and dies of fever in 1741 in Carthagena, recorded in Gentlemans Magazine. He left a son, (my 4xGt Grandfather) and a daughter who died and is buried in Quebec Cathedral.. My website is below having been transferred by my son from a Virgin site no longer supported so not quite complete. I could send the original story from my front page Programme by email. Would appreciate any help many thanks.

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